Test all functions & features of our cloud for 30 days free of charge and without obligation

Is it free?

Yes, the test for seven days is free and is not automatically converted into a paid offer.

Where can I get support?

Once your trial is activated, we will email you a few items. These will help you to configure your instance and use it optimally.

If you have specific questions, simply send us an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you.

DO I have to provide a credit card?

No, we do not require a credit card.


You get Jira/Confluence Administrator privileges, but not Jira/Confluence System Administrator privileges. See the Atlassian documentation for the difference.

What happens after the trial period has expired?

Once the trial period has expired we will contact you to discuss the next steps. If we don’t get an answer from you within a week, we will deactivate the instance. To ensure that no work is lost, we will keep a backup of your data and configurations for 30 days.

If you need more time, for example to prepare the migration or for the administrative processes in your company, we can offer you an extension.

How do i Install add-ons?

You can request the installation of additional add-ons directly in Jira and Confluence. Alternatively, you can simply send us an e-mail.

You can use all add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace that are available for the server version of the product.