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 Starter TeamBusinessEnterprise
Included Service LevelBasicBasicBusinessBusiness
Business Continuity Plan StandardStandardExtendedExtended
License model AtlassianServerServerServerData Center
Licenses included
Data Center ISO 27001:2013-certified
GDPR compliance [1]
Site selection Data Center [2]
Test instance [3] [3]
Choice of backup plans
Yearly SLA Reporting
Individual contract amendments [4]
FINMA RS 3/2018 compliance [5]
Further infrastructure options [6]
High-availability operation
Horizontal scalability

[1] Compliance with the EU basic data protection regulation (DSGVO/GDPR)

[2] Location at the provider’s choice, but always within the EU

[3] on Demand: can be started within a few minutes, is stopped again when not in use

[4] e.g. special non-disclosure agreements of the customer

[5] Compliance with FINMA Circular 3/2018 regarding outsourcing of IT services by banks and insurance companies in Switzerland

[6] In addition to the operation in the linkyard cloud, further options for the operating infrastructure are available

Operating and standby times, System availability
Operating time production system7×24, 365 days per year7×24, 365 days per year7×24, 365 days per year
Operating time test systemon demandon demandon demand
System availabilityBest Effort,
usually >98%
>99%>99.9% or >99.6% [1]
Standby TimeOffice hours [2]Office hours7×24, 365 days per year
Reaction time during office hours
BlockerBest Effort
(usually next
business day)
4 h1 h
Averagenächster Arbeitstag4 h
Minor next business day
Other requests
Reaction time outside office hours
BlockerBest Effort
(usually next
business day)
Best Effort
(usually next
business day)
2 h
Critical4 h
Averagenext business day
Other requests

[1] with redundant setup and data center license >99.9%. Otherwise: >99.0%

[2] Monday to Friday 07:00-18:00, excluding national and cantonal bank holidays (can-ton of Berne)

Backup Plan:WeekMonth:Year:
Backup retention periodlast 7 daysequals “Week” plus: last 4 weekly backupsequals “Month” plus last 12 months’ backups
Recovery Point
Objective (RPO)
24 h24 h24 h
Recovery Time
Objective (RTO)
Reaction time plus 4 hoursReaction time plus 4 hoursReaction time plus 4 hours
Business Continuity Plan:StandardExtended
System Site RedundancyNo, one location (cluster / data center)Yes, an additional disaster recovery site is always available at a second infrastructure provider, which could be put into operation in the event of a complete failure of the main site.
Yes, the system is operated on a cluster with several nodes. In the event of a failure, there is an automatic failover.
Backup Site RedundancyYes, backups are additionally stored georedundant and encrypted at a second location. Restarting at a new location after the loss of the main location is possible with a time delay.


What counts as a user?

In Jira Core, Jira Software and Confluence, the licensing model is based on the number of users. A user with permission to log in to Jira or Confluence counts against the number of user licenses. In addition, any number of anonymous users is possible, for example for public content.


Yes, you can use all add-ons available for the “server” variant – just contact us.

What is an agent?

The Jira Service Desk licensing model is based on the number of agents. An agent is a user who can use the special Service Desk functions (queues, SLAs, etc.).

The number of (internal or external) customers (requesters and approvers) is unlimited and does not require additional licenses.

Is an Integration with my applications possible?

Yes, if the applications are running on-premise, you can integrate them using the VPN option. This can be done both with access from your applications to, for example, Jira and access from Jira to your applications. Examples are an integration of time booking with SAP or the integration of Jira Service Desk with CRM.

Can I integrate my active directoy or LDAP?

Yes, directories with an LDAP interface such as Microsoft Active Directory can be easily integrated and used. The prerequisite for this is that the Jira/Confluence instance can reach the directory in question via network. Since these directories are typically not accessible from the Internet, the selection of our VPN option is usually a prerequisite.
If you are already using ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), Azure AD or Google G-Suite logins, then these can be used directly for authentication and authorization via a paid add-on for Jira/Confluence. No VPN is required.
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