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We offer you professional support, maximum performance and meet the highest security requirements

Secure & trustworthy
Fast security patching, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, daily backups

Fully managed service including all licences

Fantastic support
Proactive monitoring and great support
Always up to date 

Fully managed service including all licences

Test environment

An on demand test environment is included in the price

Thanks to the great expertise of the team from linkyard we were able to define all parameters and what was needed in only one meeting. They then executed efficiently and precise what we have discussed, so that we managed to be ready in time.

Magali Stritzelberger,
Senior Payroll Consultant, McDonald’s Suisse Management & Services Sàrl

Mamimum performane 

Designed for optimum speed near you

Full compliance

Data protection according to European standards, compliant with EU GDPR and Swiss data protection laws

High scalability

Highly available architecture and unlimited storage space


10 User

99.- /month each


up to 1’000 User

from 145.- /month each


up to 5’000 User

from 302.- /month each


unlimited User

from 513.- /month each

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